Be the Brave Ones

Hey God Series: I Confess with Megan Whatley

April 05, 2023 Brave Girls Gather Episode 73
Be the Brave Ones
Hey God Series: I Confess with Megan Whatley
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We are continuing in our "Hey God" series! Life can be complicated; prayer doesn’t have to be. Through this series, we want to take the intimidation out of prayer and invite you and the girls in your life into a more vibrant prayer life.

We’ve been talking with women of different ages and life stages about the 5 aspects of prayer: Adoration, Thanksgiving, Confession, Petition, and Intercession.

Today, Megan Whatley, the founder of The Beautiful Movement, a Christian subscription box for teen girls, helps us wrap up our prayer series talking with Mandie and Lauren about Confession. Megan began learning how to turn to God in prayer after her father walked out when she was 14 yrs old. She shares how seeing God as her best friend has helped shape her prayer life, especially when it comes to confession.

Megan has a Master's degree in Counseling and is a Certified Life Coach with the John Maxwell team. She has been coming alongside girls since 2014 through one-on-one counseling, retreats, workshops, bible studies, and more. 

Pull up a seat and join us at this table of brave conversation!

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