Be the Brave Ones

Child of God Series "For Such a Time as This" w/Amanda Nolan

September 13, 2023 Brave Girls Gather Season 15 Episode 78
Be the Brave Ones
Child of God Series "For Such a Time as This" w/Amanda Nolan
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Hey everybody! We're back with a brand new series called "Child of God,"  For the next four episodes, we'll be talking about identity and belonging! We want to encourage you in your own walk with Jesus while equipping you to help the girls in your life answer two questions they are hard-wired to ask: "Who am I" and "Where do I belong?"

We are kicking things off with singer and songwriter Amanda Nolan. She’s been creating music since she was 11 years old and hasn’t stopped since. After meeting Jesus in her lowest moment, she dedicated her life and music to bringing people to Jesus. Her emotional and raw sound can be compared to Lauren Daigle and Riley Clemmons. 

Amanda wants to show the world how Jesus can take your worst moment and make it something beautiful. We're so grateful she joined us for this important conversation.

We talk with Amanda about what it means to be loved by our heavenly Father, her new song, "For Such a Time As This," and lots more...

We're also super stoked you're joining us here too! It's our hope that you'll be inspired to go have some important conversations of your own with the girls in your life.

We have conversations that matter so that you can go and have conversations with the girls in your life that matter. You can find conversation tools relating to this conversation series on our website.

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