Be the Brave Ones

Child of God Series "Porcelain Skin" w/Kari Deneal

September 27, 2023 Brave Girls Gather Season 15 Episode 80
Be the Brave Ones
Child of God Series "Porcelain Skin" w/Kari Deneal
Show Notes

We're continuing in our "Child of God" series, talking about identity and belonging! We want to encourage you in your own walk with Jesus while equipping you to help the girls in your life answer two questions they are hard-wired to ask: "Who am I?" and "Where do I belong?"

Today, Mandie talks with young adult author Kari Deneal. She is a wife and full-time mom, which includes homeschooling her three children. She serves as a worship coordinator at her local church in Tampa, FL.

Her writing started off as simply a fun hobby and has transformed into something much bigger: a way of sprinkling hope and new perspective into the minds of young people.
Her first book is called “Porcelain Skin” and Mandie talked with her about it.

Porcelain Skin covers topics like bullying, identity, belonging, trauma, grief, and forgiveness, which ties in well with our current series.

We know you are going to enjoy this conversation and have some good takeaways for sparking meaningful conversations with the girls around you!

Pull up a seat and join us at this table of brave conversation!

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